Our Culture

We simply follow Jesus.

We try not to complicate Jesus’ simple invitation to follow Him.

We are ok to not be ok.

We are open about our brokenness because we find our identity in the faithfulness of Jesus, our failure.

We aren’t playing t-ball.

We serve within the strengths God has given us. 

We never phone it in.

We bring our best to every opportunity God gives us. 

We lead with prayer.

We pray as a first response rather than a last resort.

We enjoy the journey.

We have a vision for the future, but we find joy in the present.

We prioritize friendship.

We believe ministry is better with friends, so we work hard to foster fruitful friendships.

We are known by what we’re for.

We form our identity around what we love, not what we’re against.

We practice relationship without agenda.

We don’t approach people like projects, we love them as image bearers of God.

We witness through meaningful conversations.

We prayerfully follow the Spirit’s lead as we spread the word about Jesus day to day.